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Security File Deletion and History Cleaning Software (latest version)
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Spytech PrivacyAgent is the award-winning security solution that securely eradicates your PC activity histories. Spytech PrivacyAgent has the ability to cover up your previous PC activity, as well as eradicate selected files and directories that you specify!

Spytech PrivacyAgent allows you to use your PC in private without having to worry about others seeing what you have been doing, or reading your sensitive data. All data is eradicated with military strength DoD deletion - leaving no traces left on your PC. The only "more secure" method of deleting files is to literally destroy your hard drive!

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Secure Deletion

PrivacyAgent can clean out virtually all tracks left on your PC from your web activity, file activity, and more! Using secure DoD deletion routines, Spytech PrivacyAgent cleans out your PC history files securely - leaving recovery virtually impossible.

  • Browser Histories
  • Internet Cookies
  • Deletes Windows' secret index.dat files
  • Internet Temp Files
  • Browser Favorites
  • Email Message Histories
  • Windows Temp Files
  • Windows Run History
  • Windows Recent Docs History
  • Windows Recycling Bin
  • Windows Clipboard
  • My Documents Folder
  • My Pictures Folder
  • My Videos Folder
  • Previously Deleted Files
  • Cleaning Plug-ins
  • Any directory specified
  • Any file specified!

Privacy and Security

Spytech PrivacyAgent gives you easy access to quickly hiding your PC activities with the click of a button, or the press of a hotkey. Spytech PrivacyAgent allows for cleaning scheduling (even every time you close your browser!) and has adjustable deletion levels for optimal security

  • Panic Button
  • Stealth Mode
  • Privacy Menu
  • Scheduling
  • Ultra Secure Deletion

Easy to Use

Spytech PrivacyAgent is powered by a highly graphical, easy to use interface that any PC user can use - from beginners to experienced!

  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Full product documentation for user reference
  • Right click integration with Windows Explorer
  • Point and click eradication and configuration!
  • Programmable Hotkey for easy access to cleaning and privacy functions

System Requirements

  • Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2000 or XP
  • 3MB Hard disk space

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