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We buy directly from the source and offer it to you for a cheaper price! There are so many different privacy and security products on the internet - Spytech software is known for being one of the best. You will find many sites (huge shareware sites) that offer Spytech software at the regular price, we present these lower prices because we feel everyone should experience safe internet surfing. We have a great team ready to answer any questions you might have. We also offer a demo for all our products. Feel free to contact us, anytime.

About Spytech Inc.
Specializing in security and privacy solutions for the everyday PC user and business, Spytech was founded in 1998. PC Privacy Solutions takes pride in delivering Spytech's award winning spy software solutions and services to its customers. Spytech has the sole mission of putting customer's minds to rest over the concern of their PC's security, safety, and usage environment. By providing solid, award winning solutions, Spytech has been able to create a family of software that allows users to know how their PC is being used and when it is being used; as well as allowing users to store and secure their data from prying eyes. Whether from a pesky intruder or unknowing child, we are protecting our clients' safety, privacy, and security.