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Desktop Security and Access Control Software (latest version)
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Spytech SpyLock is a powerful and easy-to-use software utility that allows you to keep others from accessing your system. Spytech SpyLock boasts a large set of Windows security settings designed to restrict all usage of your PC - from mouse movements to CD drive usage!

Spytech SpyLock also has a built in content filtering tool that allows you to control what users on your PC do - from programs they run, to websites they visit. All content filtering and lockdowns can be put behind a scheduler for maximum control while you are away. Look below for screenshots of the expansive options screens for restricting your users' actions!

locksettings.gif (20577 bytes)Locking Options
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Security Features

Spytech SpyLock combines many desktop security functions with an easy to use interface to provide an extremely versatile PC security tool. SpyLock runs invisible in the task manager, and can be configured to totally lock users out of your PC with the touch of a single hotkey combination. Here are some of SpyLock's many features

  • Disable Windows Restart, Logoff, Shutdown Commands
  • Disable Windows Run Command
  • Disable Control Panel
  • Disable Clipboard Activity
  • Disable Windows Task Manager
  • Disable CD, Floppy, and Removable Drive Access
  • Restrict System Keys
  • Active LOCK Mode
  • Stealth-Mode
  • Windows Startup
  • Password Protection
  • Lockdown Triggers
  • PC Lockdown Scheduling
  • Content Filtering Scheduling
  • Events Log

Content Filtering

Spytech SpyLock is not only a powerful security solution, but it can also act as a content filtering tool as well. SpyLock can filter and restrict what websites users goto, programs users run, and even chat messengers they use.

  • Application Filtering
  • Website Filtering
  • Chat Filtering

Easy to Use

Spytech SpyLock is the perfect utility for securing your PC workstations. Whether you are a business owner, school instructor, concerned parent, or secure personal user, SpyLock is for you if you demand highly efficient desktop security power.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP
  • 3MB Hard disk space

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