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Popup, Cookie, and Ad blocking Software (latest version)
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Spytech PopupAgent is the latest inintelligent popup blocking software for blocking annoying popups and ads before they reach your browser. Spytech PopupAgent kills and stops ad popups from annoying you and wasting your browsing time on the web. PopupAgent features sophisticated popup blocking technology combined with privacy protection tools. PopupAgent's popup blocking technology never creates any flicking banners that flash before they are closed - they are simply never sent to you.

Spytech PopupAgent also gives you one click access to clearing your internet histories and tracks - as well as managing and monitoring your cookies! Check out PopupAgent's awesome features below!

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Popup Blocking and Website Management

Spytech PopupAgent's popup and ad blocking system is unrivalled. Working on any web-browser, PopupAgent is an efficient popup terminating machine that stops popups before they even reach your PC.

  • Popup Ad Blocking
  • Customizable Black List
  • Customizable White List
  • History Clearing
  • Bandwidth Saving

Cookie Management and Monitoring

Spytech PopupAgent has a built in cookie management system for alerting you when cookies are being created, and managing your cookies.

  • Cookie Monitoring
    PopupAgent has a built in cookie monitoring system that can alert you when new cookies are being placed on your system, or it can just auto-delete/save cookies as they are placed on your system - with no user interaction.
  • Cookie Manager
    PopupAgent has a built in cookie manager to allow you to manage your Internet cookies - for maximum privacy!

Easy to Use

Spytech PopupAgent is powered by an easily accessible system tray menu. From this menu, all of PopupAgent's features are viewed.

  • Easy to use Interface
    easily accessed from an icon in your system tray. Comes pre-configured so you can run it and start blocking popups - instantly!
  • Windows Startup
    Loads on Windows startup by default. System is constantly being monitored.
  • Alert Settings
    PopupAgent has built in alert settings, so you can be notified when a popup is blocked. You can opt for a sound to be played, or for the PopupAgent icon to flash in the system tray, when a popup is blocked.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2000 or XP
  • Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher)
  • 1MB Hard disk space
  • A web-browser

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